You’ve just discovered that your home’s worst enemies have been sneaking around your property. Now, you’re livid.

And worried.

That’s because these enemies — termites — are small but mighty. In other words, they can easily do far more damage to your home than you may have imagined.

The question is, with termites being so small, how much damage can they truly inflict on your property?

Here’s a rundown on how serious terminate damage can be.

Let’s get started!

How Damaging Can Termites Be?

A single colony of termites can feature hundreds of thousands of them nibbling at your property. Therefore, even though these wood-eating creatures are small — a quarter of an inch long — they can do massive damage to your home.

In fact, over time, these insects can total your home. You may notice your walls bulging and your floors sagging.

In addition, with a terminate infestation, you might notice your ceilings start to dip. Your home’s structure will start to warp.

Unfortunately, even if you catch terminates early, it can be difficult to track the damage they do inside your wood on your own. This is where hiring an expert in the pest control industry comes in. 

Why Can Termites Be So Destructive?

One of the reasons why termites can be so destructive is that they infest your home quietly. 

These pests usually feed inside of your home’s wood, thus leaving little evidence of being present on the property. All the while, they are eating away small parts of your house.

In addition, termites are so simple that they don’t need sleep in order to recharge. As a result, they can easily feed on your home 24/7. In addition, these insects are blind, so they can do damage without needing light to see what they are doing. 

The Signs Can Be Hard to Spot

A major sign that your home has been damaged by termites is that you see flying termites, known as swarmers

In addition, you may notice mud tubes on your foundation’s walls. The termites use these tubes to easily travel from the ground into your home.

These tubes are often created in places that are hard for homeowners to see, such as crawl spaces. You might also find these tubes beneath your deck or porch. They can also be found behind bushes at your property.

How We Can Help with Termite Damage

We offer top-of-the-line termite treatment services in the Rockwall, Texas, area.

We realize that it can take time for termites to destroy your property. However, the longer your termite damage goes unaddressed, the worse your problem will become.

In light of this, if you see signs of termite activity at your home, it’s critical that you get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Schedule an appointment with us today to protect your home against costly termite damage in the long run.